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“If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.” – The Gospel of St. Thomas

Our modern western civilisation creates enormous problems for the body – through toxification. Toxification is when the body is unable to process and eliminate all the toxins that physically go into it, or are created by it in quest to resolve stress. The average western diet is now more toxic than ever in human history. Each person’s body is accumulating literally thousands of different additives, colorants, antibiotics and chemical preservatives. Food manufacturers have long since traded nutrition for profit, and modern foods as well as being toxic are equally low on avaliable nutrients. Add to this the accumulation of pesticides, herbicides and other agro-chemicals that are present in almost all the food that we eat, as well as the unknown damage being done by the ingestion of genetically altered organisms.
Cocona Fruit

When the body is under stress, we tend to put into the body the things that provide temporary relief – sugar, fat, salt, tobacco, alcohol, prescription and (illegal) drugs. All these have quickly detrimental effects, and it can take sometime for the body to resolve decades of unhealthy habits. This is why we take a detailed history of each person who comes to ascertain what the best course of healing should be. Cleansing is not to be taken lightly, as once the body begins to clear toxins, then usually the emotional issues that have caused the negative addictive habits in the first place begin to surface. This is a vital part of any real healing process, and if managed and resolved correctly, can mean a completely new physical and emotional existance is possible — freedom from emotional and physical toxicity and the suffering this brings.