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 In July 2019, we were very pleased to host two workshops at Amaru Spirit with Linda Sheer of Center of Awakened Health (COAH) and with Tomaz Mueller, author, practitioner and director of AYUWAVE Ltd.

Here's the information that we posted about these.

From July 08 to July 20 we are hosting a retreat that includes a workshop with Linda Sheer of Center of Awakened Health (COAH) ( You will learn how to detox your material body and how to use nutrition to reverse inflammatory acidic chemistry, the main cause of chronic illnesses. Linda will also demonstrate how to determine the need for herbal botanicals through an advanced kinesiology testing.

Then from July 22 to August 03, we have a retreat that includes a workshop with Tomaz Mueller of Ayuwave ( Tomaz will be focusing on the following:

  • An introduction to what Ayurveda is and how it can be beneficial in daily life.
  • Understanding your unique constitutional type.
  • The importance of daily and seasonal routines in health maintenance.
  • The Ayurvedic concept of detoxification and guidelines for participants for a gentle detoxification.
  • The role of the mind and consciousness in healing.
  • Introduction to Amazonian/plant medicine.

Linda Sheer - July 08 to July 20 2019


Linda is the founding owner and director of Center of Awakened Health (COAH).  COAH, an environmentally non-toxic Healing Center, benefits individuals suffering from every type of chronic illness.  Even with over 40 years hands-on experience in the field of Detoxification, Nutritional Healing and Holistic Health, Linda stresses how critically important it is to consciously “stay open” to learning “new paradigms” of healing. 

“As conscious awareness expands (esoterically speaking), the body is seen more as a “unified whole” and our perspectives of medicine becomes simpler and more reasonable”     Linda Sheer

Linda has presented seminars in 5 countries thus far. The intent behind them is to empower people “to be their own healer” and to understand how to fearlessly help themselves out of a chronic illness situation. 

You will be guided to take a step-back and picture the body as a cohesive energetic field.  This will provide an easy, and reasonable way to understand different interlinking processes…. leading to the foundational cause and reversal of diseases.
“There really are no diseases, just blocked energy”      Linda Sheer

You will learn how to detox your material body and how to use nutrition to reverse inflammatory acidic chemistry, the main cause of chronic illnesses.
Linda will also demonstrate how to determine the need for herbal botanicals through an advanced kinesiology testing analyzing the primary acupuncture points connected to an organ or gland.  She will also integrate basic aspects of esoteric (inner world) knowledge, vital in true emotional and spiritual work. 
Individual consultations with Linda, using QRA testing, are available after the Seminar. These are at an additional cost of $60. QRA testing is an advanced stand-alone diagnostic tool. It is a science based O-ring kinesiological test analyzing the primary acupuncture points (no machines are used). Linda identifies “weak” or congested organs/glands and identifies exactly what botanicals are needed to bring these organs back to balance. She will be demonstrating this tool during the seminars.
Linda will be holding the workshop seminars on July 10 and July 11


Tomaz Mueller - July 22 to August 03 2019

Tomaz will be discussing and sharing his own personal journey to better health and wellbeing and sharing case studies. This will include his personal experience with Ayurveda and other approaches such as plant medicine throughout the years, so participants can pick and choose what works for them in their lives.

The workshop will also have open forum and discussions, comparison of various modalities based on participants own individual experiences.

Here is a little about Tomaz

Tomaz Mueller

Tomaz Mueller B.A., D.A. Med. 

Complementary medicine practitioner and internationally known health educator Tomaz Mueller, author, practitioner and director of AYUWAVE Ltd. trained in the traditional system of Indian health, Ayurveda, which he uses alongside mind-body medicine, meditation and yoga. Tomaz supports individuals to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through prevention and the management of modern ailments. He inspires each person to reconnect and awaken to their inner self-healing ability, the key to repair and rejuvenation. AYUWAVE offers the most contemporary concepts and approaches in natural health and wellbeing.
Tomaz has a clinical practice combining the very best of East - West. Here he incorporates authentic Ayurvedic principles and assessment methods within a modern health care practice that is equipped with the latest technology in Quantum Medicine. His consultations include Ayurvedic, Nutrition, Life-style, Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Mind-Body approaches.

Training therapists, teaching and practicing in Panchakarma centers around the world for over 25 years, Tomaz is fully trained in Ayurveda, Yoga, Movement and most recently design for Wellbeing. Add to this intensive years of international study in Ayurvedic Medicine, hospital internships in India, and a passion for the arts, Tomaz demonstrates an intuitive ability to effectively combine and apply many healing methods and principles within AYUWAVE Ltd. 
Tomaz will be holding the workshop on July 23 and July 24
If you would like a private consultation with Tomaz during the retreat, this can be arranged at an additional cost and you can discuss this with him directly  after the workshop.
Amaru Customized Retreat
As well as the workshop, there will be the Amaru Customized Retreat, which includes Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Sapo ceremonies as well as Amazon medicinal plant dietas. We also offer plant/flower baths, vapor baths, clay baths, poultices, enemas, tonics and teas as well as nutrition based whole food/superfood conscious eating. All our retreats are customized for individuals, after a consultation and energy reading from Slocum and Nicky.
We also offer coca ceremonies with Nicky and massages with our bone-setter, Marie Luisa, both at an additional cost.If you are interested in our SuperCleanse (including a liver/gallbladder flush and kidney/colon cleanse) please let us know.

Cost for the workshop/retreats is $200 per person per night.

For Tomaz's workshop there is an additional $50 for the workshop and each participant will get an e-version of Tomaz's book 'The Natural Health Matrix - Eastern Wisdom for Western Minds', plus a chakra  and an Ayurvedic constitutional type analysis in the form of questionnaires.

For more information please contact us at