Opening of Amaru Spirit
We are open. Please call us on +51 970 822 650 or [email protected] for any questions.

"When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need." - Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

Slocum's Paintings

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Welcome to our Amaru Spirit

Amaru Spirit is a family owned natural medicine holistic healing center located in the Amazon rainforest, half an hour boat ride outside of the city of Iquitos. In 2008 we began our mission with a single intention: to create a safe holistic community suitable for the restoration of mind, body and spirit. This work is our passion and calling.
Our purpose built facility was designed to ensure maximum comfort to our guest’s in this transformative process who travel from all over the world specifically to address toxicity=physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, dis-connectedness, dis-harmony and dis-at-ease. We create a comfortable space because detoxing the system can, at times, get us out of our comfort zone. We are here to recommend protocols and guide each unique individual process of each unique individual. It is your process, you own it, we are here to guide it if you need assistance and we strongly believe one size does not fit all.


The foundation of our health and well being begins with nutrition. We put time and effort to source the best full spectrum range of whole foods and super foods.  If we are eating properly there is no need to supplement and if we cannot source in the food we eat is the supplement food based or lab based?  Some minerals we store in the body others we do not and have to be aware of what is not stored to keep those foods regularly in the life style.  Vitamin C is such an important immune supporter though if we take an isolate form in a  pill of it and there are no bioflavonoids are present, we are just feeding fish.  Whole food sources are the best solution. There are 66 minerals, 12 vitamins and 8 amino acids and the lack of just one mineral could lead to a variety  of symptoms.  Even though our brain is 2% of our body weight, 25% of the food we eat is for brain function, so we should consider what foods are good for the brain if we want it functioning properly. About 85% of all mental disorders can be traced to an imbalance of harmful and beneficial bacteria in the gut.  We need a specific methodology with our unique individual metabolisms to address an issue that is out of balance.  One size does not fit all. This is not taught in standard education and we all must have a direct experience with nutrition to personally discover what works for us and what does not. Also with the recent world events with Covid I have not seen one mainstream media outlet mentioning anything of what you can do to support your immune system. That does not make sense.  Nutrition can be looked at in many different ways though the two mains ways to observe it at Amaru is lifestyle and detoxing and the more extreme these get from each other can determine if you are in thriving mode or recovery mode.  We have a choice to thrive or be in recovery and the best nutrition comes from natural whole foods that nature gives us. 

Plant Medicine

Ayahuasca has become a buzz word in the last decade or more. It is a sacred medicine though is not given for any specific illnesses, though has an uncanny way of detoxing the entire system, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Most people who trained properly in this realm usually went through a rigorous initiation of dieting a variety of different plants and trees to purify the system before being able to work with the plants. This included ingesting the plants in isolation to begin a process of  detoxification and self mastery and once that became established the process of learning from the plants could become potential. I was very much into ayahuasca though as I was getting deeper into my initiation I discovered what a foundation it gave  me.  Doing ayahuasca helped me tremendously but the plant diets gave me a solid foundation to build on.  There are so many plants for so many specific things, there is for example, a plant that has a physical healing on a specific organ and that very same plant can have an energetic quality also, lets say a plant that works on the liver, where anger can be stored, can also bring up anger and help guide you to navigate it or discover the source of it rather then just being the anger.  Plants are dynamic and have many properties, cat’s claw is a great example with its properties and actions.

Main Actions Other Actions
 Stimulates immune system kills viruses 
 Reduces inflammation  relieves pain
 Protects cells detoxifies
 Fights free radicals cleanses blood
 Cleanses bowel   increases urination
 Kills cancer cells  lowers blood pressure
 Kills leukemia cells reduces cholesterol

That is one plant that can be given for at least 16 different physical ailments.
Thank you Rain-Tree Publishers, Tropical Plant Database

A proper detox of various organs and systems in the body can have a powerful transformative effect.  It is not always easy and fun but the results can be priceless, as if passing through a veil and begin to celebrate this human experience rather than complaining about it. If we are not well and good how can we possibly take care of others?  We  live in such a toxic world that we might not even be aware that the air we breathe, the things we drink, the deodorant we use, the petrochemicals in our food, etc. are possibly holding us back from our potential and making us sick.  Detoxing is a first step of any individual deciding to take ownership of their own health and well being and not being a victim of a broken healthcare system. 

A good start of physically detoxing that we offer is the Super Cleanse=liver/gallbladder flush, kidney/colon cleanse , 12 nights is a minimum for this protocol, we recommend longer for chronic/degenerative cases. Once we address the physical toxicity we are better apt to deal with the emotional, mental and spiritual toxicity.  Adding the wonderful jungle plant medicine adds to the process in a mysterious way, it is not a short cut, though has potential to excellerate the process.



Unlike most retreats, we know that one size does not fit all. When guests arrive, depending on when they arrive we do a diagnostic reading the first or second day to determine the best protocol. We make recommendations of what best suits each individual, in some cases there are a few options though most agree with the recommendations. We offer a variety of detoxes from the liver/gallbladder flush/kidney colon cleanse, ayahuasca and huachuma(San Pedro) ceremonies, sapo/kambo(frog venom), master plant dietas, herbal tonics, teas, enemas, plant baths, vapor baths, poultices, clay packs, plant based food and at an additional cost the bone setter(traditional deep tissue massage) and a coca ceremony with Nicky.

Slocum's Paintings

Greetings from the jungle

Hello All, 

I trust everyone has been adapting to the situation as we all have. There were many days I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, fortunately, I focused my energy on drawing and painting which helped keep my sanity. 

It looks like we will be opening the center the first week of January as long as there is interest. It has been challenging to keep things going, we have kept two guards to protect and maintain the grounds, it is amazing how rapid the jungle can overtake things when not using the spaces.

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Know About Us

Who are we?

David ‘Slocum’ Hewson is the owner and founder of Amaru Spirit, a holistic healing center located in the Amazon jungle. He lives on the property with his wife and two children.

Having spent 20 years as an artist, Slocum moved to Iquitos, where he dedicated much of his time to painting subjects from the Peruvian Amazon. Following many years of study with traditional shaman and undergoing extensive plant diets and initiation, he designed and built Amaru Spirit. In addition to creative expression through art, which he feels is greatly enhanced through the use of plant medicines, Slocum believes that a modern understanding of nutrition and physical cleansing can be combined with the ancient shamanic art of healing the body and spirit through the use of plant medicines; and the two are necessary and synergistic.

In order to provide the highest quality of service to our guest’s, Amaru Spirit employs a large number of local staff to support the operation. The Amaru Spirit family includes our live-in shaman and his wife, as well as kitchen, laundry, cleaning, maintenance, and grounds staff. 

The modalities in use at Amaru Spirit include

What we provide?

  •  Detoxification with body clay, cleansing and reinvigoration with plant and flower baths.
  •  Detoxification and cleansing of the energetic body with herbs and master plants.
  •  Cleanses and flushes for detoxification and rejuvenation with top-quality Western supplements.
  •  Balancing the physical body with a healthy and nutritionally focused diet consisting of organic produce and Superfoods.
  •  Clearing and healing of the soul with a variety of herbs and medicinal plants. 

Why choose Amaru Spirit?

Why choose us?

  • At Amaru Spirit, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. This is the underlying principle in our approach to health, rejuvination and system balancing. As such, we will explore and identify the different dimensions of your own process. We work closely with all of our guests to ensure you receive the highest level of attention possible.
  • We are an informal, family owned center with no fixed-date programs.
  • We customize individual needs and use tough love when necessary.
  • We will provide a prompt and detailed response to the submission of your inquiry or booking form.
  • Prior to arrival we will advise you how to prepare yourself before your visit.
  • Our English speaking staff will transport you to and from the airport or your hotel.
  • On arrival you will have a consultation, so that we can ascertain your intentions and aspirations for personal growth. What do you want out of your experience at Amaru.
  • Our mainly private and communal accommodations are furnished for your relaxation and introspection with hammocks, proper innerspring mattresses with mosquitos nets, 100% cotton sheets and towels, toilet paper, candles, incense, soap and lighters.
  • All of our meals are delicious, healthy, and nutritious, comprising of fresh organic produce and Superfoods. We serve a vegan and vegetarian menu, occasionally we serve local wild fish, deer bone broth or free range chicken if requested(though not for those doing the liver/gallbladder flush)
  • Throughout the center, including the showers and sinks in all the houses, we have really high quality, purified water with 8 customized filters. We also have the water filtered another 7 times with Korean filtration always available in the Big House.
  • We include comprehensive energetic readings which will be discussed with you, and will ascertain the methodology that matches your individual requirement.
  • We explore a range of different holistic modalities, including Western & eastern style detoxification. We also offer master plant diets to expedite the detoxification process, and advance your internal process and development.
  • We offer personal limpiezas(energetic clearing) in ceremony or when requested if necessary.
  • Following the completion of your stay, if you need any help or advice regarding your integration process, we remain at your service and offer guidance via internet after you return.

Our Available Retreats

What you need to know about Amaru Spirit and our programs:

All programs can be booked at any time, there are no fixed-dates and programs can be extended on request.

Note that there are some weeks during the year that we are closed, and there are some weeks where Slocum or Nicky are not available (please check the Calendar page).

All services are included in the cost of the program (with the exception of transport to/from the center and laundry).

We provide very comfortable mosquito netted jungle huts (tambos) with adjoining Western style bathrooms.

Meals are made with high-quality fresh and organic produce and include a superfood diet to support cleansing and healing.

One-on-one attention and consultations are provided to support your specific healing goals.

Plant dietas (for example, tobacco, bobinsana, chiric sanango) for the customized retreat are available on request and are usually only undertaken by guests who have previous experience with plant medicines.

Please let us know if you are interested in doing a plant dieta as these can only be done when Slocum is available.

To apply for any retreat, please complete our questionnaire/booking form.

Individual Retreats$200
The Customized Individual Retreat gives you access to all of our plant medicine treatments over the course of your stay. You choose your arrival and departure dates, and we will design a program to meet your healing and growth aspirations. During your first ceremony, you will receive an energetic reading performed by our shamans, which will help us to further tailor the sequence of plant medicine and plant diets to ensure you get the most out of your stay.  
From/per night
Super Cleanse$2,500/$3,300
One of the most powerful cleanses you can do for health and rejuvenation is our Supercleanse. This is the ultimate detox, with this unique program combining the use of diet, native Peruvian plant remedies and top-quality Western supplements to clean the system out thoroughly. The program is ideal for those recovering from surgery, serious illness and burnout, or detoxing from medication. 
10 Nights/14 Nights
Hero's Journey$4,700
The Hero’s Journey is our signature program, and incorporates all of our Western and traditional medicine treatments over the course of this 3 week retreat. The program is designed specifically to address deep healing of the mind, body, and soul. You will detox and (re)connect with your true nature, and leave our tranquil jungle environment feeling balanced and with a renewed sense of self.
3 Weeks
Plant Intensive$3,900
This program has been designed to take those who have felt a calling to work with plant medicine to the next level. Over the course of your 3 month stay, you will work with all of our plant medicines, with a specific focus on master plant initiation. This program is only for serious and dedicated budding healers who can stay focused during transitions.
Per Month/Min Commitment for -3 Months
Master Plant DietasNote

Please note that during the master plant dietas you will be in isolation. Also, you will not be allowed to have any cell phones, ipods, etc. so there will be no phone or internet connection during the dieta period(s). We would usually ask you to give us any of your electronic equipment to hold for you during the isolation period.

Plant dietas for the customized retreat are available on request and are usually only undertaken by guests who have previous experience with plant medicines. Plant dietas can only be done when Slocum is available (please check the Calendar page)

14 Nights


Way To Maloka


Spend Time In Amazonian Jungle

Unlike most retreats, we know that one size doesn't fit all. Let the Amaru Spirit in with a customized individual retreat to help you get the most out of your time with us. Or choose one of our tried-and-trusted (by many) retreat packages for an intensive program of maximum healing. Dare to transform!