Paintings For Sale

For those of you who do not know, I am a classically trained artist, Prior to Amaru I lived for decades in the art gallery scene in Europe, North America, and South America and had the fortune of doing a lot of commission work for corporations, hospitals, churches, museums, and private commissions.

Old work can be seen here:  and work done since living in Iquitos:

To learn from the plants and complete my initiation into the plant realm I decided to sacrifice my first life passion, artwork for 5 years. The last 4 years I have slowly gotten back into my first passion.

A majority of what is displayed here is of women because the theme of the exhibit two years ago and the present exhibit is the sacred feminine of the Amazon. The pieces done during the quarantine are listed from numbers 1-24 (paintings) and numbers 43-52 (drawings). There are additional pieces done in the last 4 years and some older work done in the first years I moved to Iquitos.

If someone is interested to purchase something the price includes shipping. The drawings will be sent unframed due to the fragility of shipping glass. The paintings will be sent framed.

Again if you are not interested or cannot afford it I understand, please feel free to pass the link along to people that are interested in art.

You can communicate with us <[email protected]> or me. Best to contact me directly for addresses and details.  When the payment is received the pieces will be shipped. Payment through PayPal or bank transfer.